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Skypooling is a free tool which helps participating airlines to have a better ULD control.  By keeping track of and providing information of ULD over- or under stocks.  Airline ULD departments are helping each other to balance ULD stock levels  ensuring benefits and savings for all participants. By forwarding less empty equipment airlines realize extra cargo revenues, fuel savings &  cut CO2 emissions which contribute to a sustainable world. 
Currently >70 airlines/companies are joining this global uld network as active member, ULD contact, ULD Manufacture,ULD Service Provider or as Sponsor/Supporter

ULD Manufactures and Service Providers

ULD Manufactures and ULD Service Providers companies (ULD management, lease, repair, training, IT, tracking, nets, straps, fire prove and cool containers,) can inform customers about their business, products and developments. 
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Airlines often have difficulties maintaining sufficient ULDstock levels at stations (containers/pallets). 

Sometimes a station can be under stocked, or onthe contrary, (heavily) overstocked. 

Airlines are not always capable to decrease or increaseULD stock levels quickly or timely, which could cause operational issues and/orextra costs. 


At the moment airlines have no insight in eachothers ULD station stock levels. On occasion one airline can be overstockedwhile another sends extra empty ULD to the same station. It's not logicalto send overstock from station A to home base and forward empty ones to stationB, while another carrier could forward overstock directly from station Ato station B. Furthermore, sending empty ULD means less cargo revenuesand/or extra fuel/CO2 costs.


The solution

Skypooling is a tool which helps participating airlinesto have a better ULD control, by keeping track of and providinginformation of ULD over- and under stocks.  

If a number of airlines with a relevant networkcould coordinate, helping each other to balance ULD stocks, shortages oroverstock could be reduced, ensuring benefits and savings for all the participants. Themore airlines participate in the pool, the more benefits for all contributors. 

Through Skypooling, participating airlines alsocontribute to a sustainable world. By forwarding less empty equipment, airlinesrealize fuel savings and cut CO2 emissions.



- Less empty ULD on board aircraft to replenish a stationand more space and revenues forcargo.

- Less extra fuel for flying empty ULD's.

- Less CO2 emissions.

- Less ULD shortages/overstock at stations.

- Less ULD not moving.

- Less ULD totally needed.

- Less ULD repair costs.

- Less trucking costs of empty ULD.

- Less square feet ULD storages.

How does it work

-         Participating airlines must update the Skypooling website weekly.


-         Only airlines which have a good control over their ULD stock, are included toavoid any issues recovering the ULD's.


-         Skypoolingwill process all data directly and real time information is available.


-         If thereare matches, airlines contact each other to make further appointments.


-         Theairlines which forward the ULD will inform the receiving station about incomingother airline ULD and arrange hand-over and inform all about ULD ID-codes.


-         Only serviceable airworthy ULD's containers can be used loaded in Skypooling. ULD's can be loaded withbaggage, cargo, mail or be empty.


-         All ULD'suplifts are based on courtesy unless otherwise agreed by companies involved.


-         Participatingcarriers should make clear agreements between each other to avoid issues regardinglife span/TSO/airworthiness, tarra weight or damages. Or    ULD's may go onwards to otherstations, to agents, trucked or to offline ports,


-         Skypoolingis based on voluntary participation only and does not constitute any legalobligation or claim towards Skypooling and/or any of the other Skypoolingparticipants.


-         Skypoolingcannot be held responsible for any irregularity.




Skycooler provides a bespoke, efficient and cost effective operational lease solution for air transportation of temperature sensitive goods using modern, up-to-date T2 Coolcontainers with key benefits:

* Customer Branding of its Coolcontainer fleet
* 100% control of the Supply Chain
* Cost effective solution for a specific period or project.
* No restrictions as to routes, carriers, cargoes, import/export.
* Fixed monthly payments throughout the Lease Period

EUR 1,950.00 per RAP Cool Container per Month.....

Zodiac AirCargo Equipment, is specialized in designing, manufacturing, and marketing high quality ULD`s. We virtually serve all the world’s operators and gained world market leadership by providing our customers with products and services of the highest quality. All our product designs meet the latest EASA and FAA requirements and comply with IATA industry standards. Based on experience Zodiac containers are designed to withstand the challenges of the typical ULD operations and incorporating your specific requirements for any type of container. The design of Zodiac containers facilitate quick and easy replacement of individual parts ........

TFI is one of a select few companies that offers the full range of certified ULD products: air cargo pallets, nets, containers and tie-down straps. We remain on the cutting edge, with new designs and innovations being introduced every year. Whether you need lightweight models or special features like folding shelves or Garment on Hanger provisions, we have you covered.....

Jettainer is a subsidiary of Lufthansa Cargo. It is currently responsible for management & maintenance of approx. 90,000 units for 26 airlines. Jettainer operates at more than 450 airports. Apart from its headquarters in Raunheim, Jettainer operates offices at the central hubs of international airlines in Abu Dhabi, Dallas/Fort Worth, Düsseldorf, Philadelphia, Rome and Zurich and it has operations bases in Mumbai and Muscat. It also runs a sister-company in the USA, Jettainer Americas Inc., based in Delaware and branches in Dallas, Chicago, Miami, New York and Los Angeles.
Jettainer covers the complete value chain of ULD management –from purchasing ULDs to management and repair, even offering customised IT solutions and financing concepts. Jettlease, a short term leasing service for ULD emergencies, rounds off its services. The company is ISO 9001 )Quality Management( and ISO 14001 )Environmental Management( certified


At VRR, designing and manufacturing dedicated solutions for air cargo is a speciality. Regardless of the industry you’re in and the shape, size, weight and value of your goods, we can create the right Unit Load Device for you.

We supply a wide range of high-quality standard products. However, we excel in creating ULDs that meet unique logistical needs and that require customisation and out-of-the-box thinking. All our products comply with the requirements of the world’s airlines and aircraft.

If you need flexibility, choice and sound advice for your air transport products, get in touch with us. We have over 40 years of experience and an unsurpassed track record in quality, innovation and reliability, and we delight in co-creation. In short, we’ll make sure your air cargo solution fits your every need.....

Online ULD Handling Training Now Available.

Enhance safety and train operational personnel to meet ULD handling training requirements with our cost effective online e-Learning course.

More information:

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Pertti Mero

PalNet GmbH Air Cargo Products was founded in 2001 and has advanced to become one of the leading manufacturers of ULD`s, such as standard pallets, heavy duty pallets, pallet extenders, horse-boxes, lower deck containers and car racks. Innovative products such as light-weight pallets have been successfully certified with the Aviation Authorities and complete the PalNet range of products. Having come to be known for our on-time delivery and subsequent after-sales service, PalNet has consistently enlarged its customer base.


ACL Airshop provides Airlines with the most complete ULD )Unit Loading Device - air cargo pallet or air cargo container( and cargo control products and services package. We take great pride in offering the highest quality products backed by the best service possible.
ACL Airshop leases, manufactures, sells and repairs ULDs, nets, straps and pallets. There are many companies that can provide airlines with one or two of these services, but we are the only one that does it all. With ACL Airshop airlines have access to 40,000 ULDs worldwide, 24 hours a day. If so desired, we can also arrange any type of logistics. ....

Over the years, CargoComposites™ research and design team has continued to advance the development of both its composite material and the structural design of its containers. We build our containers with our patented AeroPlaza honeycomb core, providing the ultimate in strength and durability. Years of ongoing testing, UV testing, and technology enhancements have resulted in the superior product with the lowest total cost of ownership. The AeroBox ULD maintains shape, stability, and appearance through wear and tear and requires less maintenance and repair throughout ownership. We currently have over 10 ULD composite material patents and patents pending, and we plan to introduce several new products in the ULD, Pallet, and Cargo Handling markets in 2016.....

Safety and reliability are key factors in the aviation industry. At KMA Group we have the experience, the know-how and the technology to produce all textile related products for the aviation industry. For Unit Load Devices we manufacture covers, webbings, cargo nets and straps for all types of containers. Next to producing standardised articles we are able to manufacture made to order products according to your specifications, colours and materials.

KMA also manufactures various types of products for use inside the cabin such as onboard tool kits and navigator bags. KMA Group has been a supplier to the aviation industry for over 30 years.....

Nordisk entered the ULD-business in 1970.
Nordisk developed and introduced a wide range of ULD products, improved product performance and set new industry standards.
We focus on a safe and cost-effective ULD-operation by Durability, Quality Design and Material, and Reliable Support. Nordisk's Lite product line, the Company's second generation of light weight containers, includes the Nordisk UltraLite )55 kg(, the Nordisk TwinLite )60 kg( and Nordisk AluLite )65 kg(. The Nordisk UltraLite AKE is 25% lighter than standard aluminum AKE )LD3( containers, and 15% lighter than competing lightweight containers, offering customers substantial cost savings....

The DoKaSch trademark stands for modern air cargo ULD technology and provision of services in a high-performance network of companies. DoKaSch GmbH is among the leading developers, manufacturers and repair service companies for air cargo equipment solutions with virtually every well-known customer from the airline, logistic and pharmaceutical industry sectors. Our range of services includes maintenance and repair, research & development as well as customised financial solutions.
DoKaSch just launched its brand new ReLeaseMe strongest fleet care free concept, offering the market a breathtaking solution to participate from the strongest ULDs equipped with Dyneema panels combined with lots of other advantages!....


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